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Radical idea to protect 'doomsday' Thwaites Glacier with 62-mile long curtain divides scientists

  2024-03-06 in Sky News

The drastic idea has been praised by some scientists as "highly aspirational", while others have branded it "dangerous, illusionary and distracting".

  Tagged under: Ice Melting | Antarctic | Geoengineering

Edward Burtnysky on climate crisis: 'We should be screaming fire… but we're rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic'

  2024-03-02 in Sky News

Landscape photographer Edward Burtynsky's work explores human impact on the surface of the planet, shooting the Coast mountains in the Canadian province of British Columbia, soil erosion in Turkey, and coal mines in Australia for his latest exhibition, New Works.

  Tagged under: Climate Change Impacts | Activism | Media | Canada

'Campaigns of misinformation' around heat pumps says energy minister amid record number of installations

  2024-01-20 in Sky News

The Climate Show with Tom Heap explored potential issues surrounding heat pumps and spoke to installers, customers, industry insiders, gas backers and even government ministers to confirm or debunk them.

  Tagged under: Disinformation and Misinformation

Hottest 12 months in 125,000 years - how extreme weather broke more records in 2023

  2023-12-04 in Sky News

Severe conditions brought turmoil across the world, impacting small towns and major cities, as storms, heatwaves, floods, and droughts claimed many lives and destroyed communities.

  Tagged under: Climate Data | Extreme Heat | Climate Change

  2023-11-18 (or before) in Sky News

PM's U-turns weren't really about net zero - but playing politics with climate change is a big risk

  2023-09-22 (or before) in Sky News

Whatever Rishi Sunak says, the details of his changes in climate policy suggest he is thinking about politics, not the environment. In a year which is currently on course to be the warmest in human history, that's a pretty big risk to take.

  Tagged under: Climate Change | Rishi Sunak | Net Zero

Norway: More evacuations could be ordered after Storm Hans floods swamp homes and cause power cuts

  2023-08-16 (or before) in Sky News

At least three people were killed after Storm Hans battered northern Europe earlier this week, causing transport disruption, flooding and power cuts.

Climate change: Antarctica could become planet's 'radiator' due to 'extreme' weather, fear scientists carrying out government review

  2023-08-07 in Sky News

There is a danger Antarctica "stops acting as a refrigerant for the planet, and it starts acting as a radiator", one of the scientists involved has warned.

  Tagged under: Climate Change Impacts | Climate Change | Antarctic

World has lost battle to stop glaciers melting and sea level rising, UN meteorological chief says

  2023-06-09 (or before) in Sky News

"We have lost this glacier melting game and sea level rise game," Professor Petteri Taalas tells Sky News.

  Tagged under: Sea Level

Minister 'pretty fed up' with sewage spills after water firms issued apology

  2023-05-22 (or before) in Sky News

Untreated sewage was pumped into England's rivers and seas at least 301, 091 times last year, according to data from the environment agency - a situation the environment secretary agreed was not "acceptable".

  Tagged under: Rivers

Thailand issues 'don't go out' warning as heat index hits record 54C

  2023-04-29 (or before) in Sky News

Parts of Asia have been struggling with unseasonably high temperatures for April, with power outages and shortages as demand soars.

Europe could see repeat of last summer's severe droughts, scientists warn

  2023-04-05 (or before) in Sky News

Scarce snow in the Alps, warm temperatures and a widespread lack of rain have scientists worried about a second summer of widespread drought.

  Tagged under: Drought

Rich polluting countries like UK must 'fast forward' net zero target by a decade, demands UN chief

  2023-03-20 (or before) in Sky News

As the most comprehensive review of everything known about climate change so far paints a bleak picture of inaction and dangers, scientists argue there are still grounds for hope.

  Tagged under: Climate Change | Net Zero

Brunt Ice Shelf: Giant iceberg breaks away from Antarctic ice shelf

  2023-01-23 in Sky News

The British Antarctic Survey (BAS) said the calving happened a decade after scientists first detected the growth of vast cracks in the ice. They relocated the Halley research station 23km inland in 2016 after what they called Chasm One began to widen.

  Tagged under: Ice Melting | Antarctic

The Amazon rainforest is being destroyed on an industrial scale - and the Brazilian election could decide its future

  2022-10-23 (or before) in Sky News

The Amazon rainforest is being destroyed on an industrial scale - and the Brazilian election could decide its future

  Tagged under: Rainforests | Amazon Rainforest | Brazil

Sellafield: An inside look at the most hazardous building in Western Europe as work to remove radioactive sludge begins

  2022-06-10 (or before) in Sky News

The most recent estimate by the Public Accounts Committee is that decommissioning the UK's nuclear sites will exceed £132 billion and take more than 120 years - so can the government justify a new nuclear programme if it costs this much to clean up the last one?

  Tagged under: Nuclear Power

Wildfires break carbon emission records in US, Siberia, and Turkey, as climate change fans intense blazes, says EU monitoring service

  2021-12-08 (or before) in Sky News

Climate change is producing more intense wildfires which are, in turn, emitting higher levels of CO2, says the European Union's Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service.

  Tagged under: Wildfires | Climate Change | Russia

COP26 news live: Emotional Alok Sharma 'deeply sorry' – as Glasgow pact receives mixed reactions

  2021-10-28 (or before) in Sky News

Latest COP26 news as: 200 countries reach agreement after 15 days of talks; COP president "deeply sorry" as India's request leads to watered down language on coal.

  Tagged under: COP26 | Coal

The Daily Climate Show: Sky News programme dedicated to global crisis is launching this week

  2021-04-06 (or before) in Sky News

The show will put people at the heart of its journalism and will hear from those impacted by climate change as well as experts.

  Tagged under: Climate Change

Attenborough's stark warning on climate change: 'It's already too late'

  2021-02-23 (or before) in Sky News

The veteran broadcaster tells the UN Security Council the climate crisis is the "biggest threat to security" humans have faced.

  Tagged under: Climate Change | David Attenborough

Climate change: New forecasts predict rising average temperatures, a warming Arctic and more Atlantic storms

  2020-07-09 (or before) in Sky News

The analysis suggests annual global temperatures at least 1C above pre-industrial levels in each year between 2020 and 2024.

  Tagged under: Arctic | Predictions | Climate Change

Don't 'demonise and ostracise' us in climate change debate, says BP

  2019-11-23 (or before) in Sky News

Activists, who posed as living statues and doused themselves in oil, say the British Museum should be ashamed of its links to BP.

  Tagged under: BP | Activism | Climate Change

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