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Young people's burden: requirement of negative CO2 emissions

  2022-10-22 (or before) in ESD

Abstract. Global temperature is a fundamental climate metric highly correlated with sea level, which implies that keeping shorelines near their present location requires keeping global temperature within or close to its preindustrial Holocene range. However, global temperature excluding short-term variability now exceeds +1 °C relative to the 1880–1920 mean and annual 2016 global temperature was almost +1.3 °C. We show that global temperature has risen well out of the Holocene range and Earth is now as warm as it was during the prior (Eemian) interglacial period, when sea level reached 6&ndash...

  Tagged under: Greenhouse Gases | Predictions | Climate Change | Sea Level | Climate Change Impacts | Trees

Lotka's wheel and the long arm of history: how does the distant past determine today's global rate of energy consumption?

  2022-09-03 (or before) in ESD

Abstract. Global economic production – the world gross domestic product (GDP) – has been rising steadily relative to global primary energy demands, lending hope that technological advances can drive a gradual decoupling of society from its resource needs and associated environmental pollution. Here we present a contrasting argument: in each of the 50 years following 1970 for which reliable data are available, 1 exajoule of world energy was required to sustain each 5.50±0.21 trillion year 2019 US dollars of a global wealth quantity defined as the cumulative inflation-adjusted ...

  Tagged under: Economic Growth | Climate Change Mitigation

ESD - No way out? The double-bind in seeking global prosperity alongside mitigated climate change

  2021-08-06 (or before) in ESD

  Tagged under: Climate Change

Interacting tipping elements increase risk of climate domino effects under global warming

  2021-06-04 (or before) in ESD

<p><strong class="journal-contentHeaderColor">Abstract.</strong> With progressing global warming, there is an increased risk that one or several tipping elements in the climate system might cross a critical threshold, resulting in severe consequences for the global climate, ecosystems and human societies. While the underlying processes are fairly well-understood, it is unclear how their interactions might impact the overall stability of the Earth's climate system. As of yet, this cannot be fully analysed with state-of-the-art Earth system models due to computational constraints as well as some missing and uncer...

  Tagged under: Rainforests | Amazon Rainforest | Antarctic | Tipping Points

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