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‘Everything is dead’: How record drought is wreaking havoc on the Amazon

  2023-12-20 by in Al Jazeera

Communities that rely on the rainforest’s waterways now find themselves struggling with fire and plunging water levels.

  Tagged under: Amazon Rainforest | Drought | Brazil

Wildfires rage in Argentina’s Cordoba province amid heatwave | In Pictures News | Al Jazeera

  2023-10-11 in Al Jazeera

Authorities evacuate people as massive flames surround populated areas in Cordoba province.

  Tagged under: Argentina | Wildfires

Deaths of 120 Amazon dolphins linked to severe drought, high temperatures | Climate Crisis News | Al Jazeera

  2023-10-04 (or before) in Al Jazeera

Amazon River’s pink, grey dolphins are a threatened species and among the few freshwater dolphins found in the world.

  Tagged under: Amazon Rainforest | Drought | Rivers | Whales and Dolphins | Wildlife | Brazil

Japanese scientists find microplastics are present in clouds | Environment News | Al Jazeera

  2023-09-29 (or before) in Al Jazeera

Japanese scientists have found between 6.7 and 13.9 pieces of microplastic in each litre of cloud water tested.

  Tagged under: Microplastics and Nanoplastics | Middle East | Japan

Six Portuguese youth take 32 nations to European court over climate change | European Union | Al Jazeera

  2023-09-25 (or before) by in Al Jazeera

The group will argue at the European Court of Human Rights that government inaction discriminates against youth.

  Tagged under: Climate Change

Iraq’s Water Wars – Part 1

  2023-09-20 (or before) in Al Jazeera

People & Power investigates Iraq’s intensifying water crisis and how it’s impacting the country’s rural communities.

‘Climate breakdown has begun’: UN reports record summer heat

  2023-09-09 (or before) in Al Jazeera

Scientists blame ever warming human-caused climate change from the burning of coal, oil and natural gas.

  Tagged under: Global Warming | Climate Change

Extreme weather brings winds, fierce rains to Saudi Arabia’s Mecca

  2023-08-23 in Al Jazeera

Pilgrims doing the tawaf on Tuesday were caught in storms as lightning hit an iconic tower in Mecca.

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Saudi Arabia

Iran’s surprise ‘unprecedented heat’ shutdown raises questions | Climate News | Al Jazeera

  2023-08-04 (or before) by in Al Jazeera

Government offices, banks, capital markets and private businesses will remain shut until Saturday.

  Tagged under: Iran

No room for fossil fuel executives at climate negotiation tables | Environment | Al Jazeera

  2023-07-13 (or before) by in Al Jazeera

Until their actions align with their words, we should not work with them.

  Tagged under: Fossil Fuels

What makes South Asia so vulnerable to climate change? | Climate News | Al Jazeera

  2023-07-09 (or before) by in Al Jazeera

Extreme weather events in one of the world’s most populous regions bring food insecurity, displacement and disease.

  Tagged under: Climate Change

‘Nothing left’: Floods in Sudan leave 100 dead, many homeless | News | Al Jazeera

  2023-05-03 (or before) in Al Jazeera

The UN says at least 258,000 people have been affected by the floods in 15 out of 18 provinces.

Argentina’s grain harvest suffers under worst drought in 60 years | Drought News | Al Jazeera

  2023-03-09 in Al Jazeera

Already struggling under spiralling inflation, the South American country faces a decline in grain, its main export.

  Tagged under: Argentina | Drought | South America

How the nuclear lobby scuttled the EU’s anti-greenwashing tool | Climate Crisis | Al Jazeera

  2023-03-08 (or before) by in Al Jazeera

Giving nuclear energy a “sustainable” label in a key EU regulation could derail progress on climate change.

  Tagged under: Nuclear Power | Climate Change

We are ‘greening’ ourselves to extinction

  2023-01-30 (or before) in Al Jazeera

Apocalypse investors are pushing fake climate solutions on us that are making climate change worse.

  Tagged under: Climate Change

Shell to pay $15m settlement over oil spills in Nigeria

  2022-12-25 (or before) in Al Jazeera

Shell claimed the settlement for spills in the Niger Delta between 2004 and 2007 was not an admission of liability.

  Tagged under: Shell | Nigeria

How Britain stole $45 trillion from India

  2022-12-11 (or before) in Al Jazeera

And lied about it.

Arctic warming 4 times faster than rest of planet: Climate study

  2022-08-14 (or before) in Al Jazeera

Finnish researchers say climate models have underestimated the pace of warming in the Arctic region.

  Tagged under: Arctic

‘Insane’ lithium price bump threatens EV fix for climate change | Climate Crisis | Al Jazeera

  2022-07-07 (or before) by in Al Jazeera

The price of the metal used in batteries for electric cars has risen six-fold since the start of the year.

  Tagged under: Lithium | Batteries | Climate Change | Electric Cars | Cars

The Global South has the power to force radical climate action | Climate Crisis | Al Jazeera

  2022-06-29 (or before) by in Al Jazeera

After all, Western economies – and their economic growth – depend utterly on labour and resources from the South.

  Tagged under: Economic Growth

Bangladeshi children leaving school to work due to climate crisis | Climate Crisis News | Al Jazeera

  2022-05-15 (or before) in Al Jazeera

As families migrate after climate-related disasters, UNICEF says 1.7 million of country’s children are now labourers.

  Tagged under: Women and Children

Mexico water supply buckles on worsening drought, crops at risk | Climate Crisis News | Al Jazeera

  2021-09-06 (or before) in Al Jazeera

Weather forecasts warn of high temperatures portending crop damage and water supply shortages.

  Tagged under: Drought | Mexico

The poverty of ‘economic growth’

  2021-06-12 (or before) by in Al Jazeera

Simplistic stories of GDP growth are blinding us to the social and ecological destruction it so often entails.

  Tagged under: GDP | Economic Growth

We need to treat climate change as the emergency that it is

  2021-06-04 (or before) by in Al Jazeera

Why are most media outlets not giving the climate emergency the 24/7 coverage they provided for the COVID-19 pandemic?

  Tagged under: Climate Change

East Africa locust outbreak sparks calls for international help | Environment News | Al Jazeera

  2020-01-25 (or before) in Al Jazeera

Desert locust infestation threatens food security and livelihoods in region reeling from drought and deadly floods.

  Tagged under: Drought | Africa

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