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'We can reclaim control of our destiny,' Al Gore says of climate change

  2023-12-24 in Inkl

The former vice president found hope in the possibility that humans have the tools to repair the planet.

  Tagged under: Climate Change

The biggest gold rush in history is about to start in the deep sea – leaving devastation in its wake

  2023-07-09 (or before) in Inkl

Applications to mine the seabed in our ocean commons can be made from 9 July, says Guy Standing, author of The Blue Commons

  Tagged under: Oceans

Future of deep-sea mining hangs in balance as opposition grows

  2023-07-09 (or before) in Inkl

Ireland and Sweden join countries calling for moratorium on extraction of metals from seabed as UN-backed authority prepares for crucial talks

More than 800m Amazon trees felled in six years to meet beef demand

  2023-06-03 (or before) in Inkl

Investigation involving Guardian shows systematic and vast forest loss linked to cattle farming in Brazil

  Tagged under: Amazon Rainforest | Farming | Cattle and Dairy Farming | Brazil | Trees

Plastic credits scheme targets banana industry waste but recycling industry calls for greater rigour

  2023-05-30 (or before) in Inkl

The banana industry has welcomed a scheme that sees farmers earn credits for responsible waste disposal.

  Tagged under: Farming

Plastic pollution: treaty talks get into the nitty-gritty

  2023-05-29 (or before) in Inkl

PARIS: French President Emmanuel Macron on Monday warned that global plastics pollution was a "time bomb", as diplomats began five days of talks in Paris to make progress on a treaty to end plastic waste.

  Tagged under: France

More than 5,000 new species discovered in Pacific deep-sea mining hotspot

  2023-05-26 (or before) in Inkl

A wealth of biodiversity has been found in the Clarion-Clipperton Zone, an area earmarked for exploitation by mineral firms

  Tagged under: Minerals | Pacific Ocean

Recycled plastic can be more toxic and is no fix for pollution, Greenpeace warns

  2023-05-24 (or before) in Inkl

Campaign group says plastics are incompatible with circular economy as countries prepare for treaty talks

  Tagged under: Greenpeace

Leader of Kenyan waste pickers: ‘We are the backbone of recycling’

  2023-05-13 (or before) in Inkl

After a childhood on the dump, John Chweya wants to ensure rights are enshrined in plastic pollution treaty

'Without water, we are nothing!': Spain's crippling drought reignites tensions over Tagus river

  2023-05-13 (or before) in Inkl

An early scorching heatwave across Spain has worsened the impact of the country's long-term drought, causing unprecedented damage to the country's crops. As farmers grow desperate for irrigation, the government's plan to limit the rerouting of water from the nation's longest river – the Tagus – for agricultural purposes lies…

  Tagged under: Spain | Drought | Farming | Rivers

What is carbon capture and storage? EPA’s new power plant standards proposal gives it a boost, but CCS is not a quick solution

  2023-05-12 (or before) in Inkl

The Biden administration proposed new power plant rules on May 11, 2023, that have the potential to be among the most stringent federal policy measures on coal, oil and gas power plants the United States has ever introduced.

UK tops list for fossil fuel sites in nature protected areas

  2023-05-10 (or before) in Inkl

Globally, fossil fuel extraction and exploration is taking place at almost 3,000 sites in conservation areas, analysis shows

US needs $30bn to seal 14,000 unplugged offshore oil and gas wells: study

  2023-05-09 (or before) in Inkl

Paris (AFP) - The cost to secure thousands of inactive oil and gas wells in the US Gulf of Mexico could top $30 billion, according to research published Monday weighing potential environmental damage against the estimated price tag.

Despite billions to get off coal, why is Indonesia still building new coal plants?

  2023-02-06 (or before) in Inkl

World leaders recently announced a $20 billion deal to help get Indonesia off coal power. But there are doubts about the deal, because — for one thing — the country is building brand new coal plants.

  Tagged under: Coal | Indonesia

The ‘carbon pirates’ preying on Amazon’s Indigenous communities

  2023-01-21 (or before) in Inkl

Selling credits should fund forest protection, but unscrupulous firms are making deals where local land stewards lose out, say Indigenous leaders

  Tagged under: Amazon Rainforest | Trees

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