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Scientists explain why Greece is so badly hit by climate change

  2024-06-24 (or before) in Euronews

Marine heatwaves, medicanes and island microclimates: Here’s why Greece is on the frontlines of climate change in Europe.

'Disaster': Sicily's farmers sound alarm as water dries up

  2024-06-21 (or before) in Euronews

Italy declared a drought emergency in Sicily a couple of months ago, hitting farmers and breeders the hardest.

Spanish farmers struggle to adapt to worsening heatwaves and droughts

  2024-04-15 (or before) in Euronews

Olive oil production is expected to drop by around 30% due to the heatwaves, farmers told Euronews, even if there are late rains before the harvest ends in November.

World’s largest sand battery set to slash emissions in Finnish town

  2024-03-10 (or before) in Euronews

The battery will be able to store a week’s heat demand in winter - how does it work?

  Tagged under: Europe | Energy Storage | Batteries | Wind Power

EU to introduce 10-year prison sentences for environmental crimes

  2024-02-27 (or before) in Euronews

Countries will have two years to put the updated directive, which covers crimes 'comparable to ecocide', into national law.

Barcelona imposes severe water restrictions during worst drought ever

  2024-02-01 (or before) in Euronews

Citizens could be fined for washing cars or watering gardens.

  Tagged under: Spain | Drought | Cars

Inside the world's first reactor that could produce unlimited energy

  2024-01-24 (or before) in Euronews

Euronews Next goes behind the scenes at the world’s largest nuclear fusion device attempting to harness the same reaction that powers the Sun and stars.

  Tagged under: Nuclear Power | Nuclear Fusion

Drought reveals sunken church in Spanish reservoir

  2024-01-17 (or before) in Euronews

'Drought tourists’ are visiting to see the 11th-century church which was submerged 60 years ago.

  Tagged under: Spain | Drought

Why is Shell suing Greenpeace for €2 million?

  2023-11-09 (or before) in Euronews

The environmental group says it is 'one of the biggest legal threats' in history against its ability to campaign.

  Tagged under: Shell | Greenpeace | Activism

Milan plans to ban cars from city centre by mid 2024

  2023-10-24 (or before) in Euronews

Levels of pollutants in Milan's air are almost four times the safe amount.

  Tagged under: Pollution | Cars | Italy

'Could a ‘beanless' brew save coffee from climate change?'

  2023-10-06 (or before) in Euronews

Coffee is causing deforestation at an ‘alarming rate’ - could a beanless brew be the solution?

  Tagged under: Deforestation | Climate Change

'Gobsmackingly bananas': Scientists react to September heat record

  2023-10-06 (or before) in Euronews

The Copernicus Climate Change Service said the global average temperature for September broke records by such an absurd margin that climate experts are struggling to describe the phenomenon.

  Tagged under: Climate Change

Pope Francis to write second part of landmark environmental letter

  2023-09-20 (or before) in Euronews

The previous document is thought to have had an impact on commitments at the 2015 Paris climate conference.

  Tagged under: Pope Francis

Greta’s school strikes led 30% of Swiss citizens to change habits

  2023-09-11 (or before) in Euronews

'Collective action can have a direct effect on society’, study on climate strikes shows.

  Tagged under: Climate Change

Sustainability has lost its meaning as the nuclear lobby triumphs

  2023-08-26 (or before) in Euronews

Listening to the 14 EU country-strong Nuclear Alliance that lobbied for nuclear power's green label and now wants to see it treated the same as other renewables means everything is allowed, Thomas Stuart Kirkland and Christiana Mauro write.

  Tagged under: Renewable Energy | Nuclear Power | Sustainability

Heatwave forces French nuclear power plants to limit energy output

  2023-07-14 (or before) in Euronews

The high temperature warning has come early this year but will affect fewer nuclear power plants.

  Tagged under: Nuclear Power | France | Rivers

Fact check: Do solar panels really struggle in the heat?

  2023-06-13 (or before) in Euronews

Britain’s resort to coal power wasn't because solar panels can't handle the heat, say campaigners, as temperatures topped 30C.

  Tagged under: Solar Energy | Heatwaves

France is preparing for a ‘realistic’ 4°C global warming scenario

  2023-05-25 (or before) in Euronews

After living through the hottest summer on record in 2022 and a prolonged drought, France is now preparing for a future where extreme weather could become commonplace.

  Tagged under: Drought | France

This French city is making public transport free

  2023-02-20 (or before) in Euronews

Could Paris be next to make their transport free?

  Tagged under: France

England built 2 onshore wind turbines in 2022. We asked experts why

  2023-02-12 (or before) in Euronews

A former UK Prime Minister's decision has stalled the installation of onshore wind turbines in England.

  Tagged under: Wind Power

Brussels recommends EU-wide exit from controversial energy treaty

  2023-02-08 (or before) in Euronews

France, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands and Poland are among those who had advocated an exit from the contentious agreement.

  Tagged under: Spain | Germany | France

'Mammoth' new plant will suck 36,000 tonnes of CO2 a year from the air

  2022-06-30 (or before) in Euronews

A climate tech firm plans to launch this direct air capture plant in the next two years.

The longest river in Italy is drying up: How will locals survive?

  2022-05-15 (or before) in Euronews

The mighty Po River nourishes a vast area of northern Italy, but climate change is causing a devastating drought.

  Tagged under: Drought | Climate Change | Rivers

What does India’s heatwave mean for global food supplies?

  2022-04-28 (or before) in Euronews

The severe heatwave has come unusually early in spring, and will put more than 1 billion people in India and Pakistan at risk.

  Tagged under: India | Heatwaves

Chemical pollution has now passed safe planetary limit, scientists say

  2022-01-19 (or before) in Euronews

The rate at which we are producing chemicals has now outstripped our ability to assess and monitor their risk to the environment.

How will post-Merkel Germany tackle the climate crisis? | View

  2021-10-14 (or before) in Euronews

"Angela Merkel had more luck in pushing the climate agenda abroad than at home - in Germany, she had no choice but to balance between competing demands from powerful car and coal industries."

  Tagged under: Coal | Germany

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