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Six Out of Nine Planetary Boundaries Already Crossed

  2023-09-29 by in Deep Green Resistance News Service

Six out of nine boundaries that ensure the Earth is a "safe operating space for humanity" have now been breached.

Is Earth Close to “The Great Dying”?

  2023-09-18 by in Deep Green Resistance News Service

Earth study “Warning of a Forthcoming Collapse of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation” could shut down as early as 2025.

  Tagged under: Climate Change | Collapse

Contamination Is Forever: Story of Pike County in Ohio

  2023-07-24 by in Deep Green Resistance News Service

Radioactive elements were released from the Ohio plant intentionally, by management, and also unintentionally during accidents since 1954.

Nanoplastics Are Entering Our Bodies

  2023-07-22 by in Deep Green Resistance News Service

Plastic has become ubiquitous. Not just in use in our daily lives but in a pervasive form that it has entered our ecosystem and our bodies.

  Tagged under: Microplastics and Nanoplastics

Ecosabotage: A Heroic Action Against Ecocide

  2023-05-22 by in Deep Green Resistance News Service

Ecosabotage of gas and oil pipelines has become a heroic action to save the planet. Support those most selfless and courageous among us,.

What's Wrong With the UN High Seas Treaty?

  2023-04-24 by in Deep Green Resistance News Service

Two DGR members explore the environmental implications of the UN High Seas Treaty. It is not what you think it is.

Corporate Capture of Global Biodiversity Efforts of UN Summit

  2023-01-06 by in Deep Green Resistance News Service

Corporate interests have influenced the UN Biodiversity Conference efforts to protect the variety of life on Earth amid rampant species loss.

Renewable Energy Isn’t Replacing Fossil Fuel Energy

  2022-12-30 by in Deep Green Resistance News Service

Despite all the renewable energy investments and installations actual global greenhouse gas emissions keep increasing due to economic growth.

  Tagged under: Renewable Energy | Greenhouse Gases | Economic Growth

Krill, The Most Abundant Species on Earth and Key Food Source for Whales, Are in Trouble

  2022-09-09 by in Deep Green Resistance News Service

Antarctic krill are one of the most abundant species in the world in terms of biomass, but there is concern about the future of the species.

  Tagged under: Antarctic | Whales and Dolphins

Even Common Species Are Experiencing Population Crashes

  2022-07-25 by in Deep Green Resistance News Service

Bird populations around the world are collapsing. Even "common" species like the American Robin have seen massive population declines.

Collapse is Coming. An Unsustainable Society Will Not Last.

  2022-05-16 by in Deep Green Resistance News Service

Predictions of societal collapse have been made for decades. The general trends are undeniable. Collapse is coming. In fact, it's here.

  Tagged under: Predictions | Collapse

Net zero targets are fossil fuel greenwashing

  2021-04-03 by in Deep Green Resistance News Service

Friends of Earth International (FoEI) published a report revealing the greenwashing of net zero emissions of the fossil fuel industries. In this piece, Kim Hill writes about the problems with the concept of economic growth that the report does not acknowledge. Originally published at Medium. Featured image: Headline on World Coal Association website, March 2017 By […]

  Tagged under: Net Zero | Economic Growth

In name of "conservation", Kenyan forces torch homes of indigenous Sengwer people

  2014-01-26 by in Deep Green Resistance News Service

By New Internationalist Kenyan security forces have been burning hundreds of homes – belonging to some of the country’s oldest hunter-gatherers – in the last fortnight, in the name of ‘conserving forest biodiversity’ and safeguarding the area’s water catchment area for urban access. The Kenya Forest Service Guard, along with riot troops armed with AK-47 machine […]

  Tagged under: Colonialism | Trees

Activist groups take aim at World Bank for assisting corporate land takeovers in Africa

  2012-04-23 by in Deep Green Resistance News Service

By John Vidal & Claire Provost / The Guardian The World Bank is helping corporations and international investors snap up cheap land in Africa and developing countries worldwide at the expense of local communities, environment and farm groups said in a statement released on Monday to coincide with the bank’s annual land and poverty conference […]

  Tagged under: Farming | Africa | Activism | Colonialism

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