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The Tory donors with links to fossil fuel interests and climate denial - see the list

  2023-08-02 (or before) in The National | Scottish News

THE Conservatives have received millions of pounds in donations from climate deniers and those with interests in the fossil fuel industry ahead of…

Why GDP doesn't work, and what Scotland should replace it with

  2023-05-29 (or before) in The National | Scottish News

LAST week the Beyond Growth Conference, the biggest European conference to discuss an alternative economic model, took place in Brussels. Over…

  Tagged under: GDP | Economic Growth

'Mind-boggling' UK Government silence as Scottish renewables industry urges action

  2023-05-13 (or before) in The National | Scottish News

IT is “mind-boggling” that the UK Government has not delivered on its own promises to support the delivery of key renewables projects in…

  Tagged under: Renewable Energy

Researchers warn of looming 'insect apocalypse' under current conservation rules

  2022-02-04 (or before) in The National | Scottish News

CURRENT UK conservation policies fail to protect important insect species 'vital for our everyday lives and future existence’, according to new…

  Tagged under: Insects

Dangerous sewage can be dumped in rivers and sea after Brexit chemical shortage

  2021-10-22 (or before) in The National | Scottish News

SEWAGE that has not been properly cleaned has been allowed by the government to be dumped into rivers and the sea over Brexit disruption.

  Tagged under: Rivers

Senior Tories 'peddling climate conspiracies' weeks before COP26

  2021-10-14 (or before) in The National | Scottish News

THE Scottish Greens have called on Boris Johnson to remove "dangerous Trumpian extremism" from his party if he is to have any credibility…

  Tagged under: COP26

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