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The Oceans We Knew Are Already Gone

  2024-03-07 by in The Atlantic

As far as humanity is concerned, the transformation of our seas is “effectively permanent.”

  Tagged under: Extreme Heat | Climate Change Impacts | Oceans | Sea Level

Why the U.S. Is Pumping More Oil Than Any Other Country in History

  2023-12-20 by in The Atlantic

The politics of solving climate change may, paradoxically, require producing more fossil fuels for a while.

  Tagged under: Fossil Fuels | Joe Biden | US Politics | Saudi Arabia

One Huge Contradiction Is Undoing Our Best Climate Efforts

  2023-11-10 by in The Atlantic

The math isn’t adding up.

  Tagged under: Fossil Fuels | Net Zero | Legislation | El Niño

Airlines Are Just Banks Now

  2023-09-26 (or before) by in The Atlantic

They make more money from mileage programs than from flying planes—and it shows.

  Tagged under: Economic Growth | Air Travel

Stop Asking Whether Money Buys Happiness

  2023-04-13 (or before) by in The Atlantic

It may, but only a negligible amount.

  Tagged under: Health

A New Estimate of the ‘Most Effective’ Way to Fight Climate Change

  2021-12-17 (or before) in The Atlantic

Climate-concerned donors should focus on helping to pass climate policy, not offset their emissions, an advisory group says.  

  Tagged under: Joe Biden | Climate Change | Economics | Health

We’re Heading Straight for a Demi-Armageddon

  2021-11-04 (or before) by in The Atlantic

What happens when we do something—but not enough—to stop climate change?

  Tagged under: Renewable Energy | Joe Biden | IPCC | Climate Change | Electricity | Russia | Sea Level | Climate Change Impacts | Electricity Grid | Activism

Bangladesh Really Is a Climate Success Story

  2021-10-10 (or before) by in The Atlantic

The country shows the power of self-determination when it comes to development and climate policy.

  Tagged under: Solar Energy | Extreme Weather | Climate Change | Geothermal Energy | Fossil Fuels | Economic Growth | Water Resources

An Outdated Idea Is Still Shaping Climate Policy

  2021-04-21 (or before) in The Atlantic

Biden’s team is split on how to think about climate change.

  Tagged under: Joe Biden | Climate Change

The Terrifying Warning Lurking in the Earth’s Ancient Rock Record

  2021-02-06 (or before) by in The Atlantic

Our climate models could be missing something big.

  Tagged under: Oceans | Extreme Weather | Rainforests | Arctic | Climate Change | Antarctic | Sea Level

The Hidden Author of Putinism

  2020-05-23 (or before) by in The Atlantic

How Vladislav Surkov invented the new Russia

  Tagged under: Vladimir Putin | Russia

History’s Largest Mining Operation Is About to Begin

  2020-03-09 (or before) by in The Atlantic

It’s underwater—and the consequences are unimaginable.

  Tagged under: Oceans | Minerals | Papua New Guinea | Fossil Fuels | Namibia | Water Resources

The Great Affordability Crisis Breaking America

  2020-02-09 (or before) by in The Atlantic

In one of the best decades the American economy has ever recorded, families were bled dry.

  Tagged under: Housing | Economic Growth | Health | Economics | Finance

Australia Will Lose to Climate Change

  2020-01-06 (or before) in The Atlantic

Even as the country fights bushfires, it can’t stop dumping planet-warming pollution into the atmosphere.

  Tagged under: Oceans | Global Warming | Climate Change | Australia | Bushfires | Wildfires | Economic Growth | Great Barrier Reef | Coral Reefs

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