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“Certainly Intimidation”: Louisiana Sues EPA for Emails With Journalists and Cancer Alley Residents

  2024-02-02 by in The Intercept

The state’s far-right government is escalating its fight against environmental protection with a rare use of public records law.

  Tagged under: Louisiana

Leading News Outlets Are Doing the Fossil Fuel Industry’s Greenwashing

  2023-12-05 by in The Intercept

Seven of the world’s “most trusted” media companies produce and promote content touting the key talking points of oil and gas.

When Idiot Savants Do Climate Economics

  2023-10-29 by in The Intercept

How an elite clique of math-addled economists hijacked climate policy.

  Tagged under: Economics

Samuel Alito’s Wife Leased Land to an Oil and Gas Firm While the Justice Fought the EPA

  2023-06-26 by in The Intercept

A deal made by Samuel Alito’s wife with an energy company paints recent Supreme Court decisions on the environment in a damning light.

Activists Face Felonies for Distributing Flyers on "Cop City" Protester Killing

  2023-05-03 by in The Intercept

The activists face 20 years in prison for distributing flyers that identified a state trooper they linked to a protester's killing in Atlanta’s “Cop City.”

  Tagged under: Activism

Clarence Thomas Billionaire Benefactor Harlan Crow Bought Citizenship in Island Tax Haven

  2023-04-25 by in The Intercept

Leaked documents reveal the GOP megadonor held dual citizenship in St. Kitts and Nevis as Crow lavished Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas with gifts.

The Crackdown on Cop City Protesters Is So Brutal Because of the Movement’s Success

  2023-01-29 (or before) in The Intercept

One protester was killed by police, 20 were charged under a “domestic terror” law, and Georgia’s governor gave himself broad “emergency” powers.

  Tagged under: Trees

Subpoenaed Fossil Fuel Documents Reveal an Industry Stuck in the Past

  2022-12-28 (or before) in The Intercept

The industry is still running the same five-step plan, to the same end: preserving power, subsidies, and social license.

  Tagged under: Disinformation and Misinformation

Addressing Climate Change Will Not “Save the Planet”

  2022-12-05 (or before) in The Intercept

The dismal reality is that green energy will save not the complex web of life on Earth but the particular way of life of one domineering species.

  Tagged under: Climate Change

Holding the COP27 Summit in Egypt’s Police State Creates a Moral Crisis for the Climate Movement

  2022-11-09 (or before) in The Intercept

The ongoing hunger strike of Egyptian political prisoner Alaa Abd El Fattah forcefully reminds us that there can be no meaningful climate action without political freedom.

  Tagged under: COP27

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema Privately Blew Up Biden Nominee Needed to Enact Regulatory Agenda

  2022-08-26 (or before) in The Intercept

Sinema quietly killed Biden’s nomination of Ganesh Sitaraman for an important regulatory office.

  Tagged under: Joe Biden

Massive Quantities of PFAS Waste Go Unreported to EPA

  2022-08-07 (or before) in The Intercept

US Ecology failed to report more than 11 million pounds of PFAS-contaminated waste at its facility in Beatty, Nevada.

  Tagged under: PFAS aka Forever Chemicals

How the Media Launders Fossil Fuel Industry Propaganda Through Branded Content

  2022-07-31 (or before) in The Intercept

The oil and gas industry is using branded content, and the news media’s hunger for revenue, to peddle misleading claims about natural gas.

Documents Show How Polluting Industries Mobilized to Block Climate Action

  2022-07-31 (or before) in The Intercept

Since its inception, the IPCC itself has been the target of corporate obstructionism.

  Tagged under: Coal | IPCC

Big Fossil’s Disaster Capitalist Response to Russia-Ukraine

  2022-07-31 (or before) in The Intercept

The industry moved quickly to capture the narrative, going from disinformation blitz to policy wins within a matter of weeks.

  Tagged under: Disinformation and Misinformation | Capitalism | Fossil Fuels | Russia

Oil and Gas’s Pivot to Blue Hydrogen Is Falling Through

  2022-07-31 (or before) in The Intercept

And that’s a really, really good thing.

  Tagged under: Hydrogen

How Charles Koch Purchased the Supreme Court’s EPA Decision

  2022-07-04 (or before) in The Intercept

Decades of contributions aimed at influencing the judiciary bought the fossil fuel billionaire the ruling he’s always wanted.

  Tagged under: Judiciary

Right-Wing Judges Say It’s “Harmless” to Label Climate Activist a Terrorist

  2022-06-09 (or before) in The Intercept

A court upheld Jessica Reznicek’s excessive sentence for vandalism aimed at stopping the Dakota Access pipeline.

  Tagged under: Activism

Pentagon War Game Includes Scenario for Military Response to Domestic Gen Z Rebellion

  2022-05-29 (or before) in The Intercept

The 2018 war game envisioned a “Zbellion” by a tech-savvy generation that no longer believed in the American dream.

Toxic Nostalgia, From Putin to Trump to the Trucker Convoys

  2022-03-03 (or before) in The Intercept

War is reshaping our world. Will we harness that urgency for climate action or succumb to a final, deadly oil and gas boom?

  Tagged under: Donald Trump | Vladimir Putin

How Your 401(k) Is Helping Destroy the Amazon Rainforest

  2021-11-25 (or before) in The Intercept

The growing financialization of Brazilian agribusiness is enabling foreign investment in the industry most responsible for deforestation.

  Tagged under: Deforestation | Rainforests | Amazon Rainforest | Brazil

EPA Failed to Correct Industry Misinformation About Deadly Air Pollution at Public Meetings

  2021-10-14 (or before) in The Intercept

“We need people more than we need ethylene oxide,” responded one outraged resident. “Stop making it, stop putting it out there.”

  Tagged under: Disinformation and Misinformation

New Evidence of Corruption at EPA Chemicals Division

  2021-09-20 (or before) in The Intercept

EPA whistleblowers have provided evidence that agency officials avoided calculating the health risks posed by hundreds of new chemicals.

  Tagged under: Health

Whistleblowers Expose Corruption in EPA Chemical Safety Office

  2021-07-05 (or before) in The Intercept

EPA managers removed information about the risks posed by dozens of chemicals, according to whistleblowers.

How Pesticide Companies Corrupted the EPA and Poisoned America

  2021-07-01 (or before) in The Intercept

Pesticide manufacturers that have long dodged regulation by the EPA now face billions in damages for causing cancer, brain damage, and Parkinson’s disease.

Toxic Chemicals Threaten Humanity’s Ability to Reproduce

  2021-03-18 (or before) in The Intercept

In a new book, epidemiologist Shanna Swan looks at the impact of environmental chemicals on human sexuality and reproductive systems.

Environmental Group Charges EPA With Ignoring Evidence of Cancer

  2021-02-27 (or before) in The Intercept

The EPA downplayed the risks of the pesticide Telone, according to a complaint filed with the agency’s inspector general.

India Targets Climate Activists With the Help of Big Tech

  2021-02-27 (or before) in The Intercept

Tech giants like Google and Facebook appear to be aiding and abetting a vicious government campaign against Indian climate activists.

  Tagged under: Activism

Louisiana Environmental Activists Charged With “Terrorizing”

  2020-06-25 by Alleen Brown in The Intercept

Two activists face 15 years in prison for sending plastic pellets to an industry advocate affiliated with the Taiwanese petrochemical giant Formosa.

  Tagged under: Louisiana | Activism

How the Environmental Lawyer Who Won a Massive Judgment Against Chevron Lost Everything

  2020-01-29 (or before) in The Intercept

Steven Donziger won a multibillion-dollar judgment against Chevron in Ecuador. The company sued him in New York, and now he’s under house arrest.

  Tagged under: Chevron

With a Green New Deal, Here’s What the World Could Look Like for the Next Generation

  2019-01-27 (or before) in The Intercept

Just what would a “Green New Deal” entail, exactly?

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