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WA could become proving ground for greener concrete

  2024-01-17 in The Seattle Times

Concrete production generates 8% of global carbon emissions. Could Washington become a proving ground for cleaner mixes? The concoctions are already getting a try.

  Tagged under: Washington State

Seattle sets December temperature records, following global trend

  2024-01-04 in The Seattle Times

The unusually warm month came as Earth’s rapidly warming winters affected snowfall and winter sports, and as a strong, naturally occurring El Niño pushed tropical air into the region.

  Tagged under: El Niño | Washington State

Record-breaking atmospheric river soaks Western Washington

  2023-12-05 in The Seattle Times

A warm and wet system is continuing to drive rainfall through the region into Wednesday, breaking records, raising gushing rivers and causing landslides.

  Tagged under: Rivers | Washington State

Americans love avocados. It’s killing Mexico’s forests

  2023-11-28 in The Seattle Times

In western Mexico, forests are being razed at a breakneck pace to feed the U.S. appetite for avocados. It's environmentally devastating and most likely illegal.

  Tagged under: Trees | Agriculture | Mexico

Look out, gardeners. Seattle's winters just got warmer, new map says

  2023-11-24 in The Seattle Times

The average coldest night of the year has gotten warmer for much of the country and Seattle, though researchers warn against attributing it to climate change.

  Tagged under: Washington State

Wildfire smoke linked to increased risk of dementia, study says

  2023-08-22 in The Seattle Times

A study has found that people living in areas with persistent exposure to wildfire smoke may have higher risks of developing dementia later in life.

  Tagged under: Washington State

Into the ice: A crab boat’s quest for snow crab in a Bering Sea upended by climate change

  2022-10-17 (or before) in The Seattle Times

The Bering Sea's winter ice is treacherous, but it's also a key ally to the snow crab fishery. When it's not there, the crab population suffers.

  Tagged under: Climate Change | Fish | Washington State

Eyewitnesses to disaster: Commercial fishermen implore action on the collapse of Alaska ecosystems

  2021-10-30 (or before) in The Seattle Times

The North Pacific ecosystem is asking us to re-calibrate. Fish and crab stocks are crashing. As professional commercial fishermen, we need regulatory rules nimble enough to deal with new, rapidly-changing realities.

  Tagged under: Pacific Ocean | Fish | Collapse | Alaska | Washington State

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