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Source: ACP - Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics


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Impacts on cloud radiative effects induced by coexisting aerosols converted from international shipping and maritime DMS emissions

  2023-07-05 (or before) in ACP - Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics

Abstract. International shipping emissions (ISE), particularly sulfur dioxide, can influence the global radiation budget by interacting with clouds and radiation after being oxidized into sulfate aerosols. A better understanding of the uncertainties in estimating the cloud radiative effects (CREs) of ISE is of great importance in climate science. Many international shipping tracks cover oceans with substantial natural dimethyl sulfide (DMS) emissions. The interplay between these two major aerosol sources on CREs over vast oceanic regions with a relatively low aerosol concentration is an intriguing yet poorly addressed issue conf...

  Tagged under: Oceans

ACP - Carbon dioxide and climate impulse response functions for the computation of greenhouse gas metrics: a multi-model analysis

  2023-06-17 (or before) in ACP - Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics

Mechanism of ozone loss under enhanced water vapour conditions in the mid-latitude lower stratosphere in summer

  2023-02-01 (or before) in ACP - Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics

Abstract. Water vapour convectively injected into the mid-latitude lowermost stratosphere could affect stratospheric ozone. The associated potential ozone loss process requires low temperatures together with elevated water vapour mixing ratios. Since this ozone loss is initiated by heterogeneous chlorine activation on liquid aerosols, an increase in sulfate aerosol surface area due to a volcanic eruption or geoengineering could increase the likelihood of its occurrence. However, the chemical mechanism of this ozone loss process has not yet been analysed in sufficient detail and its sensitivity to various conditions is not yet cl...

  Tagged under: Greenhouse Gases | Climate Change | Texas | Geoengineering | Sea Level

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