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A binding global agreement to address the life cycle of plastics

  2021-07-01 (or before) in Science | AAAS

To eliminate plastic pollution, a holistic approach is needed

Terawatt-scale photovoltaics: Transform global energy

  2021-03-19 (or before) in Science | AAAS

Improving costs and scale reflect looming opportunities

The projected effect on insects, vertebrates, and plants of limiting global warming to 1.5°C rather than 2°C

  2021-03-10 (or before) in Science | AAAS

Limiting global warming to 1.5°C protects against half of the risks of 2°C warming for plants and vertebrates and two-thirds of the risks to insects.

  Tagged under: Insects


  2021-01-02 (or before) in Science | AAAS


  2020-12-22 (or before) in Science | AAAS


  2020-11-10 (or before) in Science | AAAS

Much recent attention has focused on the potential of trees and forests to mitigate ongoing climate change by acting as sinks for carbon. Anderegg et al. review the growing evidence that forests' climate mitigation ...

  Tagged under: Climate Change | Trees | Climate Change Mitigation

Irreversible Does Not Mean Unavoidable

  2020-10-10 (or before) in Science | AAAS

Carbon dioxide emissions cuts implemented today would affect the rate of future global warming immediately.



  2020-06-02 (or before) in Science | AAAS

Meta-analysis reveals declines in terrestrial but increases in freshwater insect abundances

  2020-04-25 (or before) in Science | AAAS

Global changes in insect populations reflect both decline and growth.

  Tagged under: Insects | Insect Populations

Pervasive human-driven decline of life on Earth points to the need for transformative change

  2019-12-18 (or before) in Science | AAAS

For decades, scientists have been raising calls for societal changes that will reduce our impacts on nature. Though much conservation has occurred, our natural environment continues to decline under the weight of our consumption. Humanity ...

Unraveling the claims for (and against) green growth

  2019-11-27 (or before) in Science | AAAS

Can the global economy grow indefinitely, decoupled from Earth's limitations?

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