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SEC’s landmark Climate Disclosure Rule explained

  2024-03-07 by in New Private Markets

The SEC's long-awaited and controversial Climate Disclosure Rule will require registered companies to disclose material climate risks to their business strategies and operations, and GHG emissions for the largest companies.

  Tagged under: USA | Regulation | Capitalism

Greenwashing 'biggest challenge' facing ESG progress, say infrastructure professionals

  2023-03-20 by in New Private Markets

The backlash against ESG in the US may be making investors rethink how they communicate around sustainability, but it is the spectre of greenwashing that poses the bigger threat, said panellists at Infrastructure Investor Network's Global Summit. .

  Tagged under: ESG - Environmental, Social and Governance | Sustainability

Climate: A new private markets strategy comes of age

  2021-07-29 by in New Private Markets

The 'climate' fund will become a recognisable private markets strategy.

Oil and gas funds are no longer Wellcome, says trust's CIO Nick Moakes | New Private Markets

  2021-07-07 in New Private Markets

The $45.2bn foundation's decarbonisation efforts are likely to focus on private equity holdings and it will consider divesting from oil and gas assets.

  Tagged under: Decarbonisation

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