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Concerned dairy farmers host meeting to unite agenda of IFA and ICMSA

  2024-01-23 in Irish Independent

A group of 15 dairy farmers near the Wicklow-Wexford border will host a public meeting in effort to begin shaping and uniting the agendas of Ireland’s farming organisations, with focus on key issues such as climate policy, the nitrates derogation and live exports.

  Tagged under: Farming | Cattle and Dairy Farming

Thousands of homeowners could be forced to abandon coastal properties under new national policies

  2023-10-31 in Irish Independent

Thousands of homeowners and businesses could have to abandon their properties in coming decades under national policies to deal with rising sea level and major coastal change.

  Tagged under: Sea Level

Sam McBride: What would happen if the Government in Dublin bought Lough Neagh – and then cleaned it all up?

  2023-10-29 in Irish Independent

One of the reasons to believe that a united Ireland is far further off than many of its exponents suggest is the paucity of creative thinking around how it could happen.

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