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On‐site floral resources and surrounding landscape characteristics impact pollinator biodiversity at solar parks

  2024-03-04 (or before) in British Ecological Society Journals

Abstract There is increasing land use change for solar parks and growing recognition that they could be used to support insect pollinators. However, understanding of pollinator response to solar pa...

  Tagged under: Agriculture | Insects | Solar Energy

Land degradation in South Africa: Justice and climate change in tension

  2024-02-29 (or before) in British Ecological Society Journals

Abstract Land degradation is a global problem impacting biodiversity and livelihoods, with profound effects on resource-based livelihoods. As such, it impedes progress towards sustainable developme...

  Tagged under: Climate Justice | Africa

Do wildlife crossing structures mitigate the barrier effect of roads on animal movement? A global assessment

  2024-01-30 (or before) in British Ecological Society Journals

Abstract The widespread impacts of roads on animal movement have led to the search for innovative mitigation tools. Wildlife crossing structures (tunnels or bridges) are a common approach; however,...

  Tagged under: Wildlife

Laser scanning reveals potential underestimation of biomass carbon in temperate forest

  2023-01-11 (or before) in British Ecological Society Journals

Using three-dimensional laser measurements across the full range of tree size and shape in a typical UK temperate forest, we show that its above-ground biomass is 1.77 times more than current allomet...

  Tagged under: Trees

Can pasture‐fed livestock farming practices improve the ecological condition of grassland in Great Britain?

  2022-12-02 (or before) in British Ecological Society Journals

Abstract Livestock farming in Great Britain (GB) faces multiple pressures. Yet, grassland managed for livestock is the most extensive habitat in GB and is key to cultural landscapes and their biodi...

  Tagged under: Farming

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