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Scientists Uncover Secret Driver of Climate Change

  2024-03-09 in SciTechDaily - Science, Space and Technology News 2023

Scientists have discovered that viruses infecting microbes significantly impact climate change by affecting methane cycling. This study, analyzing DNA from various environments, shows that the environmental impact of viruses varies by habitat. The research underscores the complex relationship between viruses, microbes, and methane emissions, suggesting the need for further exploration into viral roles in climate dynamics.

  Tagged under: Methane

Chemists Develop New Way To Split Water

  2023-09-06 in SciTechDaily - Science, Space and Technology News 2023

Photocatalytic process enables water to be activated. Hydrogen is often touted as a future energy solution, especially when generated through environmentally friendly methods. Beyond its energy potential, hydrogen plays a crucial role in producing active ingredients and various essential compounds.

  Tagged under: Hydrogen

Unlocking the Secrets of Climate Evolution: The Tipping Points That Changed Earth Forever

  2023-09-03 in SciTechDaily - Science, Space and Technology News 2023

Over the past 66 million years, two major climate events have shaped the climate system, dividing the period into two distinct climate eras. An analysis of the hierarchy of tipping points indicates that over the past 66 million years, two significant occurrences laid the foundation for subsequent c

  Tagged under: Climate Change | Tipping Points

Time Is Running Out: Coastal Wetlands Can’t Keep Up With Climate Change, Warns New Study

  2023-08-31 in SciTechDaily - Science, Space and Technology News 2023

The survival of marshes and other vulnerable coastal regions hinges on the ability to restrict global warming to under 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit), as outlined in the Paris Agreement. According to a recent study published in Nature, coastal marshlands and coral reef islands may not e

  Tagged under: Climate Change | Wetlands | Coral Reefs

Surprising Study: Seemingly Healthy Ecosystems May Already Be on the Path To Decline

  2023-08-12 in SciTechDaily - Science, Space and Technology News 2023

A recent study on biodiversity suggests that using species richness alone may not be a reliable metric for monitoring ecosystems. Ecosystems that appear healthy, with stable or even rising species counts may already be on the path to decline and loss of species. Negative trends in such ecosystems c

  Tagged under: Health

An Unprecedented Rate of Global Warming – Greenhouse Gas Emissions at “An All-Time High”

  2023-06-18 in SciTechDaily - Science, Space and Technology News 2023

According to 50 leading scientists, human-caused global warming has continued to increase at an “unprecedented rate” since the last major assessment of the climate system published two years ago. One of the researchers said the analysis was a “timely wake-up call” underscoring the current lack of

Breakthrough in Battery Technology: Progress on Fast-Charging Lithium-Metal Batteries

  2023-02-09 in SciTechDaily - Science, Space and Technology News 2023

In a new Nature Energy paper, engineers report progress toward lithium-metal batteries that charge fast – as fast as an hour. This fast charging is thanks to lithium metal crystals that can be seeded and grown – quickly and uniformly – on a surprising surface. The trick is to use a crystal growing s

  Tagged under: Lithium | Batteries

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