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Overselling Sustainability Reporting

  2021-05-01 in Harvard Business Review

For two decades progressive thinkers have argued that a more sustainable form of capitalism would arise if companies regularly measured and reported on their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance. But although such reporting has become widespread, and some firms are deriving benefits from it, environmental damage and social inequality are still growing. This article, by Timberland’s former COO, outlines the problems with both sustainability reporting and sustainable investing. The author discusses nonstandard metrics, insufficient auditing, unreliable ESG ratings, and more. But real progress, he says, req...

  Tagged under: Capitalism | ESG - Environmental, Social and Governance | Sustainability

Advertising Makes Us Unhappy

  2020-01-01 in Harvard Business Review

The more a country spends on ads, the less satisfied its citizens are.

How to Design an Ethical Organization

  2019-05-01 in Harvard Business Review

A behavioral approach

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