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The Collapse Will Be Normalized

  2024-02-29 in Collapse Musings

As civilization collapses, the media will attempt to normalize things like war, famine, and genocide. Don't let them.

  Tagged under: Collapse

The #1 Reason I Became A Doomer

  2024-01-16 in Collapse Musings

We're not doomed because of climate change, resource depletion, or biodiversity loss. We're doomed because human nature made those things inevitable.

  Tagged under: Collapse

Should We Tell People It’s Too Late To Save Civilization?

  2023-10-09 in Collapse Musings

Civilization is definitely going to collapse in the near future, but will telling people only make the problem worse?

  Tagged under: Collapse

We Are Living in a Slow-Moving Explosion

  2023-08-25 in Collapse Musings

What's happened in the world since humans harnessed the power of fossil fuels looks a lot like an explosion.

  Tagged under: Fossil Fuels | Collapse

"We Are Going To Run Out Of Food" - 7 Reasons There's Going To Be A Global Famine

  2023-04-25 in Collapse Musings

It is now a certainty that there is going to be a global famine in the near future. Here's why.

  Tagged under: Famine | Insects | Collapse

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